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Siccin 6

Siccin 6
Türkei 2019, Laufzeit: 94 Min., FSK 16
Regie: Alper Mestçi
Darsteller: Merve Ateş, Adnan Koç, Dilara Büyükbayraktar

Kurzinfo: Yaşar faces some issues with his step-mother over the inheritance left by his father. He also finds out that his wife’s sister is secretly in love with him. Before he can overcome the shock of it horrible and strange things take place in his home. His mentally unstable daughter Efsun has to come to terms with his dark past and the whole process will be very painful for the family. Meanwhile Orhan starts to question if the skill he has is actually a gift or a curse. His wise scholar tells him that meeting Efsun in the graveyard was not a coincidence but divine intervention. (Verleih)

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