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Hüddam 2

Hüddam 2
Türkei 2019, Laufzeit: 98 Min.
Regie: Utku Uçar
Darsteller: Şeyda İpek Baykal, Can Beslen, Hakan Erkuran

Kurzinfo: atma who is physically and mentally disabled from birth is raped by her nephew and after a while finds out that she is pregnant. Having lost both of her parents at birth, this baby is a hope for Fatma to end her loneliness. Fatma’s uncle Recep who doesn’t want the baby to be born engages in violence and causes her to have a miscarriage. This is a great devastation for Fatma and she turns for help to her own midwife Songül. Songül doesn’t want the evil that has been done to Fatma go unpunished and at the cost of her own live she summons Hüddam and performs a ritual and brings the baby back. The arrival of this innocent baby will be the end of Fatma’s solitude and a curse to those that have wronged her. (Verleih)

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